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    • The 1ac is designed as an argument that kritiks the way in which democracy assistance is gone about, both in the debate community and in general. We analyze why it was that this resolution was chosen this year, why democracy assistance is valued now, and the way in which democracy assistance is debated. This is all tied to the idea of democracy assistance itself and how it functions.

      Advocacy statement:

      We as the aff think we need to revalue democracy, move away from an economy of speed, and view democracy itself as the biggest value. We should separate democracy from security concerns, and especially the fear of nuclear annihilation. And instead of trying to program it for others we need to simply affirm it. This debate should be evaluated holistically, with the value being placed on the substance of our arguments rather than their timeliness. Reading twitter feed directly from the arab spring ruptures the otherwise ceaseless acceleration and speed obsession of society by providing a place to exist outside of it all.

      We then read some twitter feed

      Cards read in the 2ac:


      Hanke__2010 (Bob [teaches media studies at York University and OCAD University in Toronto]; “McLuhan, Virilio, and Speed”; TransformingMcLuhan: Cultural, Critical, and Postmodern Perspectives; Edited Paul Grosswiler; pp. 203-223)

      Gere__2004 (Charlie Gere [School of History of Art, Film and Visual Media, Birkbeck College, University of London]; “Breaking the Time Barrier”, Culture and Organization, 10; 53-60.



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