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Bahrainian policies increase Sunni-Shia divide increasing Iranian influence

LA Times, April 17, 2011

Sunni-Shia divide explodes into nuclear war

London, President Emeritus of the Hudson Institute and Prof. Emeritus at NYU, June 23, 2010 [Herbert, The Coming Crisis In The Middle East,]

And, Instability inevitable, window to counter situation closing

Ibish, senior research fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, April 15, 2011

[Hussein, Foreign Policy: In Bahrain, A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, 

And, Bahrain critical lynchpin for Iran’s new regional order

Shaikh, Director of the Brookings Institution's Doha Center and Fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, March 23, 2011

Unchecked Iran leads to nuclear conflict

Ben-Meir, Prof. of Int’l Relations at the Center for Global Affairs at NYU, 2/7/07

[Alon, Ending Iran Defiance,,7340,L-3361650,00.html]

Mid-east war guarantees escalation

Russell, managing editor of Strategic Insights, the quarterly ejournal published by the Center for Contemporary Conflict at the Naval Postgraduate School, Spring 2009

Specifically, causes Saudi-Iranian war collapsing global econ

Ghitis, World Politics Review contributing editor, March 17, 2011
 [Frida, World Citizen: Saudi Arabia and Iran Face Off in Bahrain, 

Econ decline causes war

Earl Tilford, PhD in history from George Washington University and served for thirty-two years as a military officer and analyst with the Air Force and Army, 2008, “Critical Mass: Economic Leadership or Dictatorship,” The Cedartown Standard, Lexis 

Political reforms solve, hinders seeds for Iranian influence

Stratfor, June 1, 2011

Plan alone sends signal to counter Iranian narrative

Jacobs, policy analyst at the Institute for Gulf Affairs, June 1, 2011

Advantage 2: Credibility

Bahrain signal for broader Middle East policy

Bahrain policy trumps other signals in the region

LeVine, professor of history at UC Irvine and senior visiting researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Feb 18, 2011

[Joshua, Blunder in Bahrain, 

Reform push key to restoring democratic image—threats will not solve

Ottaway, Researcher at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, April 4, 2011

[Marina, Bahrain: Between the United States and Saudi Arabia, 

Democratic model spreads globally

Gershman, President, The National Endowment for Democracy, March 1, 2011


Diamond ‘95

                (Larry, Senior Fellow – Hoover Institution, Promoting Democracy in the 1990s, December,

Independently, American credibility solves conflict

Stanley, Ph.D. ,Walsh School of Foreign Service and Department of Government Georgetown University, Feb 2007

[Carl, Democracy’s New Moment: A Forward Strategy for Advancing Freedom in the World, 

Plan: The United States Federal Government should create inclusive talks between the government of Bahrain and opposition groups. The United States will provide any assistance regarding democratic reform.

This holistic push for dialogue is key to solve

Aziz, legal fellow at the institute for social Policy and understanding, an associate professor of law at Texas Wesleyan university school of Law and holds an M.A. in Middle eastern studies from the university of Texas, and Musalem, holds degrees in sociology as well as Middle eastern language and cultures. Mr. Musalem grew up in bahrain, where he has conducted social research, July 2011


Specific issues such as releasing jailed protestors and torture key to counter tide of authoritarinism

Stork, Deputy Director of Middle East and North Africa Division, Human Rights Watch, and Indyk, Vice President and Director of Foreign Policy Program, Brookings Institution, June 29, 2011


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