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  • Round Reports

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    • Wake Round Reports

      Round 1 - USFSP GS (Egypt Economic Liberalization)

      1NC: Turkey CP, Taiwan Arms Sale DA, Elections DA, Ban Aid CP, Saudi Arabia DA, Neolib K

      2NC: Taiwan Arms Sales DA, Ban Aid CP, Case

      1NR: Case, Saudi Arabia DA, Elections DA

      2NR: Taiwan Arms Sale DA, Case

      Round 4 - UNT QS (Libya Rule of Law)

      1NC: Jackson-Vanik DA, QDDR CP, South Korea CP, Tradeoff DA

      2NC: South Korea CP, Case

      1NR: Jackson-Vanik DA

      2NR: Jackson-Vanik DA, Case

      Round 6 - Georgia LL (Libya UN Mission)

      1NC: T- Democracy Assistance/its, Jackson-Vanik DA, South Korea CP, China DA

      2NC: T, Case

      1NR: China DA

      2NR: China DA, Case

      Round 8 - Georgetown DE (Libya)

      1NC: QDDR CP, Jackson-Vanik DA, China DA, Neolib K

      2NC: K

      1NR: K

      2NR: K

      Harvard Round Reports

      Round 2 - Georgetown AM (Egypt Civil Society)

      1NC: QDDR CP, Jackson-Vanik DA, Turkey CP, Russia DA

      2NC: Russia DA, Case

      1NR: Jackson-Vanik DA

      2NR: Russia DA, Case

      Round 3 - Emory BP (Yemen Groupthink)

      1NC: Taiwan Arms Sale DA, EU CP, Saudi DA,

      2NC: Taiwan Arms Sale DA, Case

      1NR: Saudi DA

      2NR: Taiwan Arms Sale DA, Case

      Round 5 - Mary Washington PS (Egypt Liberalization)

      1NC: Jackson-Vanik DA, QDDR CP, Turkey CP

      2NC: Jackson-Vanik DA, Case

      1NR: QDDR CP

      2NR: Jackson-Vanik DA, Case

      Round 7 - MoState BR (Libya Rules)

      1NC: T- Democracy Assistance, Taiwan Arms Sale DA, South Korea CP

      2NC: South Korea CP, Case

      1NR: Case, Taiwan Arms Sale DA

      2NR: South Korea CP, Case

      Neg: UNLV EM

      Round #  1 Tournament: Shirley

      Vs Team: SoFlorida St. Pete GS

      Judge: Bruce Najor



      Off Case Args:

      Turkey CP-already on wiki

      Radicalism DA-already on wiki

      Neolib K-already on wiki

      Saudi DA-already on wiki

      Ban Aid CP


      Case Args:

      Cant solve Egypt econ

      SCAF says no

      Don’t solve empathy

      Peak oil false

      Palestine tanks cred


      Block Strategy:

      2nc: politics/case

      1nr: radicalism/saudi


      2nr Strategy:



      Rd 1 - Texas LM


      T- Demo Assistance

      Neoliberalism K

      SKFTA DA



      2NC - SKFTA DA/Case

      1NR - T

      2NR: T

      Rd 4 - K-State HZ

      1NC: T- Democracy Assistance, CP Kill more terrorists, Case

      Block: 2NC - CP, Case; 1NR: T

      2NR: CP, Case

      Rd 5 - Idaho State RV

      1NC: T- Democracy Assistance, Cap K, Framework, Case

      Block: 2NC- T, Framework; 1NR: Cap K, Case

      2NR: T

      Quarters - Fullerton CS

      1NC: T- Democracy Assistance, Framework, Cap K, Case

      Block: 2NC- Framework; 1NR- Case

      2NR: Framework


      Rd 2 - Wichita State BM

      1NC: SKFTA, EU CP, Saudi DA, Case

      Block: 2NC- Saudi DA, Case; 1NR: Case

      2NR: Saudi DA, Case

      Rd 4 - Oklahoma LM

      1NC: T- Democracy Assistance, Framework, Terror Talk Good

      Block: 2NC- Framework; 1NR- Terror Talk Good

      2NR: Terror Talk Good

      Rd 5 - Cal GW

      1NC: EU CP, Neolib K, Russia DA, Saudi DA, Case

      Block: 2NC- Russia DA, Case; 1NR- Case

      2NR: Russia DA, Case


      Rd 2 - Mary Washington MM

      1NC: SKFTA, Turkey CP, Russia DA, Case

      Block: 2NC- Turkey CP, Russia DA, Case; 1NR- Case

      2NR: Russia DA, Case

      Rd 4 - Wayne State DM

      1NC: O-Spec, SKFTA, Turkey CP, Russia DA, Case

      Block: 2NC- Russia DA, Case; 1NR- Case

      2NR: Russia DA, Case

      Rd 5 - Louisville BG

      1NC: Framework, Egypt PIC (Net Benefit: Neolib K), Case

      Block: 2NC- Framework, Case; 1NR: Egypt PIC

      2NR: Framework, Case


      Rd 1 - UTD KV
      1NC: Turkey CP, Politics, Non-Binding CP
      Block: 2NC- Case; 1NR- Politics
      2NR: Case, Politics

      Rd 4 - ASU MV
      1NC: T Democracy Assistance, EU CP, Politics, Hog-Tied K
      Block: 2NC- T DA, Politics; 1NR- Case
      2NR: T DA

      Rd 5 - Cal PP
      1NC: Turkey CP, Politics, MB Bad DA
      Block: 2NC- Politics, Case; 1NR- MB Bad DA
      2NR: Case, MB Bad DA

      Rd 7 - UNT KP
      1NC: Framework, Saudi DA, Case
      Block: 2NC- Saudi DA, Case; 1NR: Framework
      2NR: Saudi DA, Case

      Doubles - Texas BK
      1NC: Politics, EU CP, Neolib K
      Block: 2NC- Case; 1NR- Politics
      2NR: Case, Politics

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  • Gonzaga Round 1 vs Texas LM

    • Tournament: Gonzaga | Round: 2 | Opponent: Texas LM | Judge: R. Cheek

    • Round 2 Neg vs. Texas LM (Yemen Disabilities Aff)

      A. InterpretationDemo Assistance can be four thingsrule of law, civil society, elections, and good governance
      McMahon, Dean’s Prof. Applied Politics @ Binghamton Director, Center on Democratic Performance Department of Political Science Binghamton University, ‘2 (Edward R., “The Impact of U.S. Democracy and Governance Assistance in Africa: Benin Case Study”,
       U.S. Democracy Assistance AND of U.S. assistance.

      SKFTA will pass, top of the agenda, political capital key, key to the economy
      Goforth 8/19/2011 (Sean, teaches international political economy at Coastal Carolina University and blogs on Latin America for the Foreign Policy Association., U.S. Set to Pass Trade Deals With Colombia, Panama and S. Korea, World Politics Review,
      At long last, Washington AND to seize on.

      Plan is super controversial
      Mitchell and Phillips ‘8
      (Lincoln [Arnold Saltzman Asst. Prof in Practice of Int’l Politics @ Columbia], David [Project Director @ Nt’l Committee on American Foreign Policy and visiting scholar @ Columbia U.], “Enhancing Democracy Assistance”, National Committee on American Foreign Policy, January,
      Most Americans  AND legislative support.

      GALLI 10. [Teresa, Global Market Research Analyst @ Global Marketing Associates, “The South Korea - US Free Trade Agreement” June 21]
      Although riddled with the imperfections inherent to free trade agreements, the KORUS FTA represents an significant opportunity for American exporters. Furthermore AND much compromise.

      PRITCHARD ET AL 9. [Jack, President, Korea Economic Institute, John Tilelli, Chairman and CEO, Cypress Int’l, and Scott Snyder, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Korea Studies, “A New Chapter for U.S.-South Korea alliance” Council on Foreign Relations  June 16]
      While all eyes have been trained  AND shared interests.

      North Korean war escalates to extinction
      Africa News -99 (AFRICA NEWS, December 25, 1999, p. online)

      Democracy assistance to the Middle East is an attempt to maintain the neoliberal order

      Dixon 11 (Mark, Department of Sociology at Cornell University, “An Arab Spring”, Review of African Political Economy, June 21)

      The ‘imperial reach’ AND economic justice.

      Santos in 2k3 (Boaventura de Sousa, director of the Center for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra, EUROZINE, COLLECTIVE SUICIDE OR GLOBALIZATION FROM BELOW,

      The Alternative is to use this academic space to stand in opposition to neoliberalism.

      It’s a prereq to the aff-

      Decoupling neoliberalism from democracy assistance is key to successful transitions and citizen empowerment
      Lambert 11 (David, Professor of Geography Education at the University of London, "The Role of Social and Economic Rights in the Public Arena")

      If America wishes to  AND their well-being.

      Only through utilizing every public space’s potential for democratic politics can we fend off neoliberalism slide into fascism
      Giroux 06 (Henry, Global TV Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University, “The Emerging Authoritarianism in the United States: Political Culture Under the Bush/Cheney Administration”, Symploke, 2006)PM
      The emerging American  AND rest of society.

      2NR: T

  • Gonzaga Round 4 vs K-State HZ

    • Tournament: Gonzaga | Round: 4 | Opponent: K-State HZ | Judge: Joel Lemuel

    • a

    • Round 4 Neg vs K-State HZ (9/11 Counter-Memory Aff)

      T- Democracy Assistance - See Round 1 vs. Texas LM

      Counter-Advocacy  We have an ethical obligation to kill terrorists.
      So do we
      Beres, 2005
      (Professor of International Law) [Dr. Louis Rene, May 25, 2005]

      Our world is "normally" AND fresh corpses.

      The impact of terrorism is not just some big bang - it takes place throughout the world each and every day through suicide bombings which transform society to a life of permanent suffering.
      Beres and Messing 2004
      (Prof: of International Law) (Cook County radiologist) [Dr. Louis Rene and Michael L, February 10, 2004]

      But what exactly, does AND last be acknowledged.

      Truth is objective and can be accessed by empirical scientific analysis
      Sokal, Professor of Physics at New York University,96
      (“A Physicist Experiments With Cultural Studies”, [Elliot]
      Why did I do it? AND truth and falsity.

      1. Existential questions should always supersede epistemology
        Kateb, Prof of Politics @ Princeton, 1992 (George, The Inner Ocean, pg. 144)
      1. Nuclear Terrorism is likely, causes nuclear retaliation, and triggers a new arms race – Iraq proves

      Rhodes Richard, affiliate of the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University, Former visiting scholar at Harvard and MIT, and author of “The Making of the Atomic Bomb” which won the Pulitzer Prize in Nonfiction, National Book Award, and National Book Critics Circle Award. 12-14-09“Reducing the nuclear threat: The argument for public safety”

      The response was very different AND sending a message.

      US retaliation to a terrorist attack causes global nuclear war.

      Corsi  Ph.D. in Political Science from Harvard University 2005 [Jerome Corsi (Expert in Antiwar movements and political violence), Atomic Iran, pg. 176-178]

      The United States retaliates AND exacting revenge.

      1: There is no justification for terrorism – it legitimates the worst barbarism ever imagined. One cannot justify, explain or understand terrorists – you must only reject them
      Netanyahu 1995
      Former Prime Minister of Israel [Benjamin,Terrorisrn: how democracies can defeat domestic and international terrorists.]

      The salient point that has to be AND cause in any way.

      2: Extinction is Inevitable - Morality before Justice makes Responding to Future Attacks Impossible. And, this turns case – their ethical moral claims make extinction inevitable
      Hannity 2004
      (Sean [debater extraordinaire], Deliver Us From Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism, HarperCollins publishers in NY, pg 9) IB

      This kind of moral relativism AND threatens our nation.

      3: Language is the strongest weapon in WOT going easy on terrorists creates more attacks.
      Murdock, ' 5
      [Deroy, nationally syndicated columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service "terrorism and the English language" HomelandDefense/hl867.cfm March 9 Heritage Lecture #867]

      I live on Manhattan Island AND English language.

      4: To understand terrorists and not regard their actions of the worst of crimes, it means forgiving. The impact is the end of civilization
      Elshtain 3
      Jean Betake Elshtain, Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social and Political Ethics, University of Chicago Divinity School, 2003 (Just War Against Terrorism)

      We must never lose AND evil, just insane.

      5: Turn – Making terrorists into victims justifies any evil that is perpetrated by them. This is similar to trying to find justification behind death camps
      Elshtain 3
      Jean Betlike Elshtain, Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social and Political Ethics, University of Chicago Divinity School, 2003 (Just War Against Terrorism)

      The journalist Andrew Sullivan AND facts and possibilities.

      6: There is no solution to the naming or correct discussion of "terrorists" when the point of "terrorism" is to kill innocent civilians. A terrorist, by definition, is one who sows terror.
      Elshtain 3
      Jean Betlike Elshtain, Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social and Political Ethics, University of Chicago Divinity School, 2003 (Just War Against Terrorism)
      WHAT IS A TERRORIST? This line AND itself is the goal.

      7: Our definition of terrorism distinguishes between the different types of wars. This increases our ability to combat such violence by shifting the activities to alternate courses, reducing the scope of international terrorism
      Ganor 1
      Boaz Ganor, Director of the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism. 2001 (Defining Terrorism: "Is One Man's Terrorist Another Mail's Freedom Fighter?")

      We face an essential AND realization, the better.

      8: The War on Terrorism is not constructed, nor can it be deterred. Our criticisms of the government won't deter those who are ready to strike us. This is analogous to how the reactions to post-WWI did not inevitably produce Nazism, it was a group of people taking over state power independently.
      Elshtain 3
      Jean Betlike Elshtain, Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social and Political Ethics, University of Chicago Divinity School, 2003 (Just War Against Terrorism)

      Certain critical events in the past remind AND not be deterred.

      9: The acts that we describe are definitionally acts of terror. An attempt to describe them using any other word does not pass judgment on them, but rather legitimizes the acts that they commit
      St. Petersburg Times, 2003
      (Philip Gailey, "Word choice matters in Mid East Reporting," August 31, Lexis)

      For me, it's not a hard call. AND act of terrorism.

      Recognizing the Reality of Terrorism Allows us to Establish Concrete Initiatives that Strike At Their Supporters – To Do Nothing Ensures our Destruction
      Hannity 2004
      (Sean [debater extraordinaire], Deliver Us From Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism, HarperCollins publishers in NY, pg 3-4) IB

      The trouble with tolerating evil, AND on the home front.

  • Gonzaga Round 5 vs Idaho State RV

    • Tournament: Gonzaga | Round: 5 | Opponent: Idaho State RV | Judge: Nick Griffin

    • Round 5 Neg vs. Idaho State RV Solidarity With Those Who Oppose Masculinity Aff - Nick Griffin

      T- Democracy Assistance - See round 1 vs. Texas LM

      Cap K
      The aff’s endorsement of a feminist act that focuses on discourse and textuality makes the transformation of the social impossible and trades off with a better form of feminism grounded in historical materialism.
      Ebert, Prof in the College of Arts and Sciences @ University at Albany-State University of New York, 96 [Teresa L. received her Ph.D. at Minnesota, Ludic Feminism and After: Postmodernism, Desire, and Labor in Late Capitalism, Preface]
      One of the questions I ask AND political responsibility.

      The political and epistemological crisis that their aff produces has several impacts-it props up class interests and hierarchies, destroys  productive ethics, and is a reinscription of phallocentrism-turning case
      Ebert, Prof in the College of Arts and Sciences @ University at Albany-State University of New York, 96 [Teresa L. received her Ph.D. at Minnesota, Ludic Feminism and After: Postmodernism, Desire, and Labor in Late Capitalism, pg. 26]
      The political and epistemological AND lesson of Engel's.

      The alternative is to vote negative as an endorsement of a Marxist Feminist method of criticism.  This political strategy best confronts the overarching structural elements that create the possibilities for discursive violence and provide the best method to engage structural oppression stemming from both capitalism and patriarchy
      Ebert, Prof in the College of Arts and Sciences @ University at Albany-State University of New York, 96 [Teresa L. received her Ph.D. at Minnesota, Ludic Feminism and After: Postmodernism, Desire, and Labor in Late Capitalism, 4-8]
      I will attempt in this work AND trans-formative knowledges.

      These Calls That Reorient Social Norms Fundamentally Alter Policy – Ignoring This Fixture in Debate Posits Their Aff as Nonfalsifiable and Does Not Truly Test the Nature of Policy
      Thomas Sowell, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute, 1999 on the faculties of leading universities nation-wide,  The Quest for Cosmic Justice, The Free Press: New York, pg. 43-48
      Economic development has AND time for a change.

      Second is Partisanship: Focusing Agency on Identifying Root Causes Reorients Partisanship Towards the Center of Politics – By Focusing Solely on the Ability to Reveal These Structures, the Aff Locks Us Into a System of Deliberative Binaries That Makes Evaluation Impossible
      Adolf G. Gundersen, Assoc Prof Polisci at Texas A&M, 2000 Political Theory and Partisan Politics p. 97-8
      In contrast to "deliberation," AND requires an opponent.

      Repeal of DADT Proves Our Argument – Focusing on Policy Spurs Broader Discussions and Spills Over to Other Policies
      Nathan Hodge December 19 2010  Wall Street Journal
      Proponents of ending the military's AND government-sanctioned discrimination. 

  • GSU Round 2 vs Wichita State BM

    • Tournament: GSU | Round: 2 | Opponent: Wichita State BM | Judge: Winfrey

    • SKFTA will pass next week- bipartisan support, perceived as part of jobs agenda
      Washington Post 9/16/2011 (Five things to watch on the Hill next week,
      Trade deals: AND create jobs.

      Egypt aid is already caught up in other budget fights – increasing money would be a fight.
      Derby ‘11
      (Kevin, Sunshine News, “Florida Republicans Take Aim at Middle East and Latin American Nations Through Foreign Aid”, accessed online p.
      Two Florida Republicans AND not just the U.S.

      GALLI 10. [Teresa, Global Market Research Analyst @ Global Marketing Associates, “The South Korea - US Free Trade Agreement” June 21]
      Although riddled with the imperfections inherent to free trade agreements, the KORUS FTA represents an significant opportunity for American exporters. Furthermore AND much compromise.

      For impacts see gonzaga neg

      Recent tensions haven’t caused Saudi Arabia to question the US fundamental commitment to the relationship- the key question is US response to the ongoing Arab Spring- it will tell the Saudis whether strategic interests align
      Kitfield 7/21/2011 (James, has written on defense, national security and foreign policy issues from Washington, D.C. for over two decades. He is a three-time winner of the Gerald R. Ford Award for Distinguished Reporting on National Defense, most recently in 2009 for his first-hand reporting on the Afghan War and other ongoing conflicts and threats. He has twice won the Military Reporters and Editors Association award and the Medill School of Journalism’s top prize for excellence in reporting for his first hand coverage of the war in Afghanistan (2009) and the surge in Iraq (2008), Saudia Arabia, Iran Reorient Foreign Policy Amid Middle East Unrest of Arab Spring, National Journal, lexis)
      Now the two countries AND they agree.

      Democracy assistance is perceived as actively undermining Saudi interests in Egypt, and giving the country to Iran
      Daily News Egypt 7/27/2011 (Iran courts post-Mubarak Egypt, worrying allies, lexis)
      One of Egypt's ruling AND Tehran in June.

      All Saudi decisions are read through the prism of Iran- assistance to current democratic groups convinces the Saudis that they need nukes
      Straits Times 6/18/2011 (Saudi Arabia at the crossroads, lexis)
      There is no question that AND money home.

      Egypt is the key test case for the reliability of the US
      Haass and Danin 2011 (6/23, Richard and Robert, President, Council on Foreign Relations; and Eni Enrico Mattei Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, Council On Foreign Relations Meeting Subject: The Arab Spring Uprisings: Initial Observations, Federal News Service, lexis)
      MR. HAASS: Saudi Arabia: AND red lines exist.

      Saudi abandonment causes them to get nukes- multiple scenarios for extinction
      Bowman 2008 (Bradley, at time of writing, Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff member for the Middle East under Senator Lugar, major and strategic plans and policy officer in the U.S. Army.  As an assistant professor of American Politics, Policy, and Strategy and an academic counselor in the department of social sciences at the United States Military Academy at West Point, Major Bowman taught courses in American foreign policy and American politics, as well as designed and taught a new course entitled "Studies in Grand Strategy" that was featured on NPR.  Major Bowman served brief details on the Secretary of State's Policy Planning Staff and in the Office of Secretary of Defense for Policy during the summer of 2006.  He earned an MA in international relations from Yale (2004) and a BS in American politics from the United States Military Academy at West Point (1995), CHAIN REACTION: AVOIDING A NUCLEAR ARMS RACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, REPORT TO THE COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, UNITED STATES SENATE,
      One can envision AND unstable region.

      Muslim Brotherhood government is inevitable- it will embrace moderate reformism and democratic consolidation now- but interference could collapse the transition
      Saikal 8/11/2011 (Amin, professor of political science and director of the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (the Middle East and Central Asia) at the Australian National University, The Age, Egypt must tough it out on the often rocky road to revolution, lexis)
      The growing power of AND sides involved.

      Democracy assistance money from the US immediately turns reformers into pariahs- it causes resurgence of Islamism and causes the election to turn on identity politics
      Wall Street Journal 8/9/2011 (
      CAIRO—In the final days AND of the people.

      Extremists will use that strategy to increase their relative power in their coalitions
      Masoud July 2011 (Tarek, assistant professor of public policy at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government and a Carnegie Scholar, The Road to (and from) Liberation Square, Journal of Democracy Volume 22, Number 3, July 2011,
      In any case, AND innovation to think.

      An extremist-dominated Brotherhood causes war with Israel and Saudi Arabia and funds terrorism
      Ali 2011 (Ayaan Hirsi, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, the author of Infidel and Nomad and the founder of the AHA Foundation, Will the Muslim Brotherhood Succeed Where Osama Failed?, New Perspectives Quarterly, Volume 28, Issue 3,
      Unlike al-Qaeda, AND jihad lives on.

      Threats of nuclear terrorism are overblown
      Lind Policy Director of the New America Foundation’s Economic Growth Program 3/25 (Michael, “So Long, Chicken Little,” Foreign Policy March/April pg. 25-27, Mike)
      Why is it that AND sum of all fears.

      US First Strike capability prevents global conflict
      Sydney Morning Herald 9 (2/7, “It’s still a MAD, mad world, but for how much longer?”, Lexis)
      But even without this,AND nuclear first strike.

      No Bomb—Cyber warfare and assassinations
      Bednarz and Follath 6-24-11 (Dieter and Erich, “A Visit to Ahmadinejad's Nuclear Laboratory”,,1518,770272,00.html)
       It is a small, self-contained AND thousands of casualties.

      Egypt doesn’t affect Iran’s sphere of influence
      Ayoob 2011 (Mohammed, Distinguished Professor of International Relations at Michigan State University's James Madison College and the Department of Political Science. He is also Coordinator of the Muslim Studies Program at Michigan State University, Beyond the Democratic Wave: A Turko-Persian Future?, Middle East Policy  Volume 18, Issue 2, pages 110–119, Summer 2011
      Therefore, it is AND regional actors.

      Regional and Egypt instability inevitable
      Sheridan Foreign Editor for The Australian ’11 (Greg, “Chill Winds Blow for Arab Spring,” August 6,, Mike)
      THE Arab Spring AND they're not winning.

  • GSU Round 5 vs Cal GW

    • Tournament: GSU | Round: 5 | Opponent: Cal GW | Judge: Paul Johnson

    • 1NC:
      EU CP
      Russia DA
      Saudi Arabia DA - See Round 2 vs. Wichita State
      Neolib K - See Round 1 (Gonzaga) vs. Texas LM

      EU CP
      The European Union should make political party support available for the Egyptian Freedom and Justice Party.

      The EU has a mechanism in place for political party support and dialogue
      Radcliff 8/10 (John, Daily News Egypt, “EU Diplomat Confirms Commitment to Egypt’s Transition”, CC
      CAIRO: The European AND reconstruction and development.

      Russia DA
      Unique Internal Link—The plan freaks out Russia
      Hill Director of the Brookings Institution’s Center on the United States and Europe and Senior Fellow in its foreign policy program and was the national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia at the U.S. National Intelligence Council Foreign Policy ’11 (Fiona, “How Russia and China See the Egyptian Revolution,” February 15,,1, Mike)
      In moving forward on AND 2003 to 2005.

      Russia will pursue aggressive adventurism in the Middle East—will go to war with the U.S.
      Von Eggert ‘7 (Konstantin, “Back to the Middle East,” Von Eggert is the Russian Bureau editor of BBC News, March,, Mike)
      Moscow's growing attention AND for global importance.

      Caldicott, Founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility, 2002 (Helen, The new nuclear danger, p. 7-12)

      2NC Impact
      Azerbaijan is at a teetering point—hiked crackdowns will tip the boat
      Klomegah IPS News ’11 (Kester, “Arab Spring at Azerbaijan’s Door,” April 11,, Mike)
      Campaigners are asking AND throughout the Middle East.

      Azerbaijan collapse causes literally every impact in the book faster and more brutally than the aff
      Callahan UK Defense Viewpoints ’11 (John, “Future Central Asian Instability,” June 28,, Mike)
      Azeri protests and AND numerous major powers.

  • Kentucky Round 2 vs Mary Washington MM

    • Tournament: Kentucky | Round: 2 | Opponent: Mary Washington MM | Judge: Murillo

    • Round 2 Negative vs. Mary Washington MM - Murillo

      Aff: Anti-Corruption - Egypt


      SKFTA DA - See Gonzaga Round 1 vs Texas LM

      Russia DA - See Cal GW Round 5 GSU

      Radicals DA - See Cal GW Round 5 GSU (Answers to Advantage 1)

      Turkey CP -

      Text: The Republic of Turkey should provide necessary technical assistance for Egypt for transparency and accountability of government institutions, including active public and government internal monitoring.


      Turkey is vying to assist Egypt—they would gladly do the plan

      Bakeer International Strategic Research Organization 8/711 (Ali Hussein, “Turkish-Iranian Relations in the Shadow of the Arab Revolutions: A Vision of the Present and the Future,” Economic editor & researcher in (AIWA) Group, a research collaborator with “Al Jazeera Centre for Studies” (Qatar), research associate in the “Geo-Strategic Group for Studies” and has publications in a number of other reputable Arab Think Tanks such as: “Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research”, “Gulf Research Centre”, “Doha Institute”, “Middle East Studies Centre”, “Shebaa Centre for Strategic Studies”, ”Al Mesbar Studies & Research Centre”, and “The Arab Centre for the Humanities”. Co-author of a number of books, and has several books published since 2007 on Turkey, Iran, Arabian Gulf, and China. Has more than 400 among article, report, research and study published in a number of prestigious research centers in the Arab world, as in about 40 newspapers and magazines. Many of his articles and researches have been translated in to Turkish, Persian, English, French, Japanese and Urdo languages. He has been hosted by a number of satellite TV channels: and TV, Al Jazeera, Al-Alam, Al-Majd, Orient, Arabic BBC and Arabic CNBC, Participated in a number of seminars, workshops, and conferences, August 7, , Mike)

      While the Syrian crisis AND the new centrist party.

  • Kentucky Round 4 vs Wayne State DM

    • Tournament: Kentucky | Round: 4 | Opponent: Wayne State DM | Judge: Max Archer

    • Neg vs. Wayne State DM (Fund the brotherhood aff - Egypt)


      SKFTA - See UNLV EM vs. Texas LM Gonzaga Rd. 1

      Turkey CP - See UNLV EM vs. Mary Washington MM Kentucky Rd. 2

      Ospec - Can't specify what branch of Dept. of State you use

      Russia DA- See UNLV EM vs. Cal GW GSU Rd. 5

  • Gonzaga Quarters vs. Fullerton CS

    • Tournament: Gonzaga | Round: Quarters | Opponent: Fullerton CS | Judge: Gordon, Reed, Crowe*

    • Case Cites:

      US intervention is critical to world peace – there is no substitute

      Elshtain, Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social and Political Ethics at the University of Chicago Divinity School, ‘03 (Jean Bethke, “Just War Against Terrorism” pg. 169)

      The heavy burden AND being be borne.

      Cultural imperialism is best – recognizing the superiority of Western values is key to human survival

      Tracinski, editor and publisher of The Intellectual Activist and TIADaily and formed member of the Ayn Rand Institute, ’01 (Robert, October 8, “An Empire of Ideals”

      The long-term answer- AND the best disinfectant.

      Imperialism is an undeniable good – our evidence is comparative

      Kurtz, Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, ’03 (Stanley, April/May, “Democratic Imperialism: A Blueprint”

      Our commitment to political AND of liberal imperialism.

      Western export of ideals is an unavoidable moral duty

      Rorty, deceased as of June 8, 2007 and Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and Philosophy at Stanford University, described as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, ’99 (Richard, February 5, “The Communitarian Impulse” Colorado College's 125th Anniversary Symposium, Cultures in the 21st Century: Conflicts and Convergences,

      Maybe someday there AND without much strain.

      Democracy is universal- it trascends culture and is not rooted in western assumptions about the world


      Fukuyama and McFaul 07 (Francis and Michael, professor of international political economy and director of the International Development Program at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C.  a Hoover Senior Fellow, a professor of political science, and director of the Center on Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law at Stanford University, “Should Democracy Be Promoted or Demoted”, The Washington Quarterly 07)



      First, some opponents argue AND and economic growth.

      Turn- democracy promotion does not justify imperialist wars-it is necessary to stop fascism


      Fukuyama and McFaul 07 (Francis and Michael, professor of international political economy and director of the International Development Program at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C.  a Hoover Senior Fellow, a professor of political science, and director of the Center on Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law at Stanford University, “Should Democracy Be Promoted or Demoted”, The Washington Quarterly 07)



      Yet, to say that the United States AND policy at that time.

      Globalization and liberal democracy are mutually reinforcing- participating in the global economy is essential for democratic success


      Plattner 02 (Marc, Coeditor of the Journal of Democracy, “Globalization and Self-Government”, Journal of Democracy, Project Muse)


      The unparalleled worldwide legitimacy AND favorable to democracy.

      Social elites in Yemen have hijacked the revolution- they spin it as an opening to restore previous resource networks- kills democracy       

      Aymerich 7/19 [Olga, holds a MA in International and Intercultural Relations

      (Middle East) and a BA in Media and Communication from Universitat Autonoma Barcelona (UAB). She interned at NATO (Political Affairs and Security Policy) and OSCE (External co-operation) and is now intern at the think-tank Carnegie Middle East Center (Beirut). Yemen: a kidnapped revolution.]

      Once Yemen’s civil society AND for Yemen's future.


    • Tournament: | Round: | Opponent: | Judge:

    • Please e-mail Michael Eisenstadt at

      THANK YOU!

  • Silence K

    • Tournament: | Round: | Opponent: | Judge:

  • Tragic Comedy K

    • Tournament: | Round: | Opponent: | Judge:



    • Tournament: Harvard | Round: 2 | Opponent: Georgetown AM | Judge: Beth Mendenhall

    • The QDDR is a nonbinding assessment of strategies to promote democracy and increase legitimacy

      USAID ’11 (“The Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review,” Accessed via, Mike)

      The Quadrennial Diplomacy AND address global problems.

      CP can modify it- results in implementation later

      USAID ’11 (“The Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review,” Accessed via, Mike)

      The QDDR process is an ongoing commitment that AND of the QDDR.

      Avoids politics- multiple ways-

      Burton and Lord 2011 (Brian M. and Kristin M., Bacevich Fellow and Vice President and Director of Studies at the Center for a New American Security, Did the State Department Get the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review Right?, The Washington Quarterly • 34:2 pp. 111-123, Given that the QDDR identifies AND many global corporations.

  • EU CP

    • Tournament: Harvard | Round: 3 | Opponent: Emory BP | Judge: Harrigan


      Solves the aff avoids our disads

      Korski and Gowan ’10 (Daniel and Richard, “Can the EU Rebuild Failing States?   A Review of Europe’s Civilian   Capacities”,  European Council on Foreign Relations,

      Although fragile and AND and oversee arrests.

  • Wake Round 1 vs SFSP GS

    • Tournament: Wake | Round: 1 | Opponent: USFSP | Judge: Najor

    • 1NC:

      Turkey CP - Already on Wiki

      Saudi DA - Already on Wiki

      Neolib K - Already on Wiki

      Radicalism DA - Already on Wiki

      Ban Aid CP - The United States federal government will not increase its democracy assistance for the Arab Republic of Egypt.

      Taiwan Arms Sale Politics-

      Taiwan arms sale will pass- senators which opposed the bill before will switch to back a standalone measure—

      Aviation Week 10/25/2011 (F-16 Debate Tests Balance of Power, )

      The fear of a rising  AND aircraft in the future.

      Arms sale decision driven by politics- political weakness causes Obama to cave on the amendment

      WSJ 9/16/2011 (Taiwan’s New Jets May Not Fly; Reaction Mixed, )

      Consensus guesswork may AND U.S. presidential elections.

      Winners win

      Walt 2/10/11 (Stephen, Prof @ Harvard, M., “10 Reasons Americans Should Care About the Egyptian Revolution”)

      Finally, AND administration) today.

      Arms sale solves US-China war, Asian instability and prolif

      Fisher 6/3/2011 (Richard D., senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, Taiwan decision point; New aircraft sales are critical for security of democratic ally, Washington Times, lexis)

      While Presidents George  AND preserve its freedom.

      Conflict with China causes extinction

      Glaser 2011 (Professor of Political Science and International Affairs and Director of the Institute for Security and Conflict Studies at the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University, Will China's Rise Lead to War? Subtitle: Why Realism Does Not Mean Pessimism, Foreign Affairs, March/April, lexis)

      ACCOMMODATION ON TAIWAN?   AND U.S.-Chinese relations.

  • Cal Tournament NEG

    • Tournament: Cal | Round: | Opponent: | Judge:

    • Round 2 - Neg vs. SacState - Bahrain Aff

      1NC: PTC, T- DA, QDDR CP, Saudi DA

      2NC: T- DA, QDDR CP, PTC

      1NR: Saudi DA, Case

      2NR: T- DA

      Round 4 - Neg vs. Texas FS - PDOs in Yemen

      1NC: Cap K, T- its, PTC

      2NC: T- Solvency Advocate, T- its, Case

      1NR: Cap K

      2NR: T- Solvency Advocate

      Round 5 - Neg vs. Fullerton BC - Prisons Aff

      1NC: Framework, Cap K, Democracy good, Heg good

      2NC: Democracy Good

      1NR: Heg Good

      2NR: Heg Good

    • Tournament: | Round: | Opponent: | Judge:



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